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DogsLab™ Cooling Mat

DogsLab™ Cooling Mat

★★★★★ Trusted By 7,585+ Happy Customers

Keeps dogs cool and comfortable in hot weather
Lightweight and breathable for easy wear
Effective Temperature Regulation
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Our Dog Cooling Mat provides essential relief from the heat, ensuring your furry friend stays cool and comfortable. Designed for ease of use, this mat is perfect for home, travel, and outdoor adventures. Prevent overheating and keep your dog relaxed and happy all summer long with our portable and durable cooling mat.

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4 Reason Your Dog Need Cooling Mat

enjoy Indoor/outdoor activities without the risk of heat stress

  • Effective Heat Dissipation

    Cooling mats are designed to dissipate heat from a dog's body, helping them regulate their temperature more effectively, especially useful for dogs with dark coats like Sprollie.

  • Comfort and Relief

    Even if your dog initially hesitates, a cooling mat provides a comfortable spot for them to lie down, offering relief from the heat indoors where air conditioning isn't available.

  • Convenience and Ease of Use

    Unlike wet towels that can be cumbersome and may not be preferred by some dogs, cooling mats are simple to set up and maintain. Once your dog gets accustomed to it, they can use it at their own discretion.

  • Safety and Health Benefits

    Cooling mats help prevent overheating, which is crucial during hot summer months, reducing the risk of heatstroke and related health issues. They provide a safe cooling solution without the potential hazards of excessive ice cubes or wet towels.

Loved By Humans And Their Dogs

Over 7,500 Happy DogsLab® Customers!

  • Sarah P.

    "This cooling mat has been a lifesaver for my Labrador, Max. Living in a warmer climate, summers can be tough on him, but this mat keeps him cool and comfortable throughout the day. It's incredibly easy to use—just fill it with water and it stays cool for hours. Max loves lounging on it, and I love knowing he's not overheating. Definitely recommend this to all pet owners!"

  • David J.

    "I bought this cooling mat for my German Shepherd, Bella, who tends to get overheated easily during our hikes. The mat works like a charm. It's durable, easy to clean, and stays cool for hours. Bella took to it immediately and now seeks it out whenever she needs to cool down. The size is perfect for her, and the mat itself is well-made. It's a bit pricey, but considering its effectiveness and Bella's comfort, it's been worth every penny."

  • Jessica J.

    "I was skeptical at first, but this cooling mat is surprisingly effective. My pug, Daisy, absolutely loves it. She curls up on it whenever she's feeling warm, and it helps her cool down quickly. The material is soft and doesn't irritate her skin, which was a concern of mine. It's portable too, so I can take it with us when we visit friends or go on road trips. Overall, a great purchase for keeping my furry friend comfortable during the summer months."

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Packed with High-Quality Materials

Features of Our Mat

Cooling Technology: Gel-infused materials, phase-change technology, or breathable fabrics that actively cool down the dog.

Scratch-resistant materials, reinforced stitching, and durable construction that can withstand dog activity.

Easy to Clean: Machine-washable covers or materials that are easy to wipe clean.

Non-Toxic and Safe: Use materials that are non-toxic and safe for dogs, even if chewed.

Portability: Lightweight design with handles or easy folding for transportation.

Size Options: Range of sizes from small to large to accommodate different dog breeds.

Comfort: Adequate cushioning and support for joints, providing a comfortable resting place.

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How the DogLab Cooling Mat Works

It's Quick, Effective, and Keeps Your Dog Cool and Comfortable.

  • Take your hot dog

    Just place the mat where your dog likes to relax.

  • Let your dog lie on the mat

    The DogLab cooling mat with self-cooling ice silk fabric,
    it can absorb your pet's body heat, feeling cooling

  • Can be cleaned when the mat is dirty

    The mat is made of easy-to-clean materials, both machine and hand wash.